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Manpower Supply from Nepal

Manpower supply from Nepal mainly represents unskilled and semi-skilled human resource with the majority of the supply in Gulf countries. Moreover, the destination also depends on the class and status of the manpower: poor and people from Terai region mainly go to India, Malaysia and Gulf countries; whereas people slightly better in economic status head to Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea. Despite the continuous rise in manpower supply for the past five years, Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) has projected the number of supply for the year 2014-15 to be 515,000, which has dropped for the first time in these years. As Nepal was hit by devastating earthquake in 2015, need to be involved in reconstruction works is seen to be the dominant reason behind this decline. High valuation of international currency, greater unemployment rate, poverty, unrest in politics etc. has played cumulative role in supply of unskilled and semi-skilled manpower from Nepal.

Supplying manpower to other countries has become major source of income for many Nepalese family. The report of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has placed Nepal at the top remittance receiving nation among other Least Developed Countries. It is estimated that at least one member from the family is in foreign country in almost half of households. Despite some deaths, remittances collected from manpower supply has played prominent role in the development of living standard of Nepalese, and nation, as a whole. Together with these, Nepalese manpower has important contribution in occupying the works that other manpower is not capable or desiring to carry out.

In comparison to other countries, Nepalese manpower is not costly to hire. After adoption of the free-visa-free-ticket system by Government of Nepal in July 2015, manpower agencies explained that most of the smaller companies in Malaysia had started recruiting manpower from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Whereas the government shows rise in the supply of manpower to the Gulf nations. These show the parallel strength of potential challenges and opportunities at the international market for manpower supplied from Nepal.

Understanding the above-mentioned reasons and status of manpower supply from Nepal, we-Landmark Manpower Solution Pvt. Ltd. screen and investigate the background of the human resource, and align with the best employment opportunity ahead. If the potential manpower lacks special skill, we train them to ensure that their sweats shed at foreign market get appropriate reward. We also attempt to ensure the safety and proper treatment of low-skilled manpower in foreign countries.

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