SAUDI ARABIA                                            

  1. National Almunium Factory Co.
  2. Diversified lines for Petroleum Service(DLPS)
  3. Mubarak AI Salomi Co.
  4. AI Rawasi
  5. AI-Ayed Transport
  6. Saudi Global Ports Co.
  7. Power Team Transport
  8. Sweet Corner Company
  9. Rinwa laundary
  10. OSOS United Contracting Co.,
  11. Nasser & Award AL Yami Trading
  12. LATHIETH International Commercial Co.,
  13. Royat AL GHAD Logistics Services Co Ltd.,
  14. Salem Ahmed Al Haider EST


  1. Empower Services Group S.R.C
  2. Maria Meat Trading S.R.C
  3. Sc Max S.R.C
  4. People House International SRC


  2. Associated Construction Company
  3. Hair Time Saloon
  4. Associated Construction Company
  5. YAS Palace Restaurant Company
  6. Concept Carpentry Factory
  7. The R Extension Room Beauty
  8. Hair Time Beauty Salon


  1. Etihad International Hospitality
  2. Town Team Technical Services
  3. AI Qandeed and Sanitary Cont.Co.Ltd
  4. Sterling Perfumes Industries
  5. Happy and Ruby group of est
  6. Pvt.Offcie of H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin khalif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
  7. Global Clean Interior Cleaning
  8. Chocolala Factory L.L.C.
  9. Technomars General Contracting L.L.C.
  10. Master Cleaners For Cleaning Services
  11. National Corporation For Tourism & Hotels
  12. Imperial Catering
  13. Mohammed Sohel Alam Cleaning Services
  14. Farnek Manpower Supply Services
  15. Al Bahiya Trading And Services Sole Proprietorship L.L.C.
  16. Royal Keita Catering L.L.C.
  17. Ali And Sons Contracting L.L.C.
  18. All In One General Maintainance And Cleaning L.L.C.


  1. Gulf Mushroom Products Co.( S.A.O.G)
  2. Thilal Alfy Trad
  3. Murtafat Al Asthma Al Thabia
  4. The Springs Of Al Mawaleh Trading
  5. Aisha Al Ghaithiyah Trading
  6. Young Flower Boutique
  7. Phenuq Café
  8. Al Munthir Al Rashdi Trad
  9. Mkarm Ibri Llmshary Almttwrh
  10. Qasra Abu Faras Al Bahri Trd


  1. Trust Exchange
  2. Golden Tulip Doha Hotel
  3. House Builder Trading Contracting
  4. Golden Beach Trading Contracting
  5. Strong Star Construction


  1. Palmara Security Sdn Bhd
  2. Tigges Excellece In Fastener Solutions
  3. Panasonic Appliances A/c Malaysia
  4. Kam Ktt Engineering SDN BHD
  5. Sunshine Wholesale Mart SDN BHD
  6. Evergreen Wood Industry SDN BHD
  7. Setia Security SDN BHD
  8. Eversafe Rubber Works SDN BHD